What is
Indian food?

What is Indian food?

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- What do you want for dinner?
- Indian.
- What dish?
- Curry.

How often have you heard this conversation from those outside of India? Indian food, for some reason, has been synonymous with curry. Or chicken tikka masala or butter chicken, if that's any consolation. 

So what is Indian food? 
It feels like trying to define a whole continent of food. Almost  impossible!

At Food Forward India we focus on the many possible definitions of Indian cuisine;  mapping and documenting Indian food, finding elements of Indian food identity and creating a one-of-a-kind digital Indian food repository of sorts. 

Creatively explore India through food like never before. See how incredible, diverse and subjective Indian food is. Experience the many traditional foods of Indian states - urban, rural and tribal. 

Form and inform your own culinary experience of India.