We’re a travelling non-profit initiative that looks to document, discover and catalogue the diversity and complexity of Indian food and the culture surrounding it.

The reason behind this task is simple:
The world (us included) does not know enough about the food of India.

How often do you set out to learn about one ingredient or dish and find yourself lost down a rabbit hole of one too many flavours, ingredients or techniques? It's overwhelming. 

Try instead, our bite sized morsels of culinary explorations, across the urban, rural and tribal landscape of all 28 states of India. We don’t do this alone. Through both on-ground and virtual tours we aim at building a community that will help take Indian food forward. 

And that is Food Forward India.

To preserve Indian food  thoughtfully 
and shape it  consciously 
we simply need to get to know it better. 
With new discoveries, we curate virtual and physical events
to transform the stereotypical perceptions 
on Indian food and empower a new community 
to have eye-opening dialogues on its future.

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We aim to

Change the stereotypical narrative on Indian cuisine, by creating a one-of-a-kind platform that explores the country’s  complex food identity.



To give the whole world a taste of India’s culinary complexity by cataloguing and mapping its astonishingly varied urban, rural and tribal cuisines. Helping build, at the same time, the country’s immense potential for sustainable food-based tourism.
The Near Future
By 2021 we will:
Travel virtually to all 28 states of India and gather:

  • 20+ interviews with renowned Indian chefs around the world
  • 30+ beautiful food photo stories from India
  • 100+ videos with local culinary ambassadors
  • 50+ rare and forgotten ingredients and their uses
  • 200 new techniques, processes and food-based crafts
  • 1000 new questions to answer!

By 2025 we will:

  • Build a strong community of 100K
  • Curate at least 10 culinary tourism projects with a global outreach
  • Present the staggering variety of Indian food at world-class symposiums
  • Identify 10 foreign Indian culinary ambassadors
  • Grow our collaborator network to 300+
  • Work closely with Indian tourism organizations and related NGOs
  • Get an inch closer to understanding Indian food identity